Friday, July 07, 2006

more pictures--4th spent in screven

had a great time last saturday night... we went to screven and spent some time with sandy,heather, danielle, meme and papa..we had hamburgers and all that good stuff...watched the fireworks in screven.. the kids had a great time and so did i..just hanging out in screven..we walked over to where richard and lillian were to watch the fireworks...this is where i got this really good picture of grandma and jameson...and the other one is richard and lillian with jameson..cole was playing with the sparklers the whole time and jameson was terrified of the sparklers..had a great weekend..then on sunday we ate at richard and lillians and sat on the porch while the kids played with the pin wheels...i will add those photos sometime this weekend...the week is over and david has to go back to work...i hate it but them i love it cause next week i am off myself.. i might get somethings done around the house...

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