Sunday, July 09, 2006

feeling sick

For the last week i have had this stomach i am not pregnant either!!! and this weekend i really was feeling might be from being stressed out..i don't know..all i know is that i feel sick all the time..i hate laying around on the couch when there is stuff all over the place and dishes that need to be washed and dirty cloths..i could go on an on....but i won't...i gotta feel better..i want to do some things before i go back to work..and i really want to have a yard sale next weekend..i hope that is going to lots of stuff to get ride of....poor danielle she went everywhere friday night to take the kids to see pirates of the caribbean....everything was she took the kids to walmart and cole got some pirates gear..a sword, a bandana like captain jack and some tatoos..i know he hasn't seen the first one...not sure why he wants to see that movie so bad...but like danielle she will do all her power to take him to see hopefully today she will get to take him to see it.....well i guess i will go back to the couch this is about all i can take..gotta lay down..

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