Saturday, July 01, 2006

The legacy i was left with...grandma polly remembered today

i have been having alot of dreams about my grandma polly..i don't know why i just got up this morning thinking about her...i miss those weekends when we would get up and she would be in the kitchen at the crack of dawn making breakfast or a feast...smelling those homemade biscuits and all the sausage your heart could eat...i miss her alot...i miss her so much....i know dad does too..what an influence that woman has put on me..she was a hard worker..and a gentle person..every fall we would go to the mountains and she would go and sometimes she couldn't go but she always gave all of us a little money to take with us..i mean all 6 about $5 or $10...i have decided this week i am going to do a memorial album on the people we miss or have lost..i think cole and jameson would really learn about there family that way..the older i get the more i cherish moments with my grandparents..if there is one thing i have learned is that money doesn't mean anything but family means don't take money with you when you die but you do carry on your name and your family and the memories..i would rather have those memories of grandma polly then anything..and the smells too...carrying on the memories to my children is what i am going to do..

**the bottom picture is grandma polly and dad, cathy, carol and holding tommy...stacy wasn't born yet...

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heather said...

Grandma Polly.. Oh the good times we had at Grandma's house.. She was EVERYBODY's Grandma Polly, not just ours! I miss her too. I know things would be better if she were here. She would have made sure of that. And oh those mornings she would cook breakfast. I wish that one day my kids were able to smell food that good, but I dont think its possible. Nobody cooks breakfast like Grandma Polly did! NOBODY! I'm glad you wrote this, it just reminds me of how much I miss her too. Oh the memories. I cherish each and every one of them!!