Wednesday, July 26, 2006

some updates

have been a little busy lately...had a yard sale saturday and that went okay...think i might have another one soon...before the cruise..then had to clean the yard sale up so i could go to athens..had a good time with the this is a pic of jameson on grandpas back riding horsee..that is her new thing now..she likes to ride horsee..i couldn't believe grandpa let her ride on his back..he is 73 years old and in great health..guess that strickland blood is ageless..i was trying to tell grandma that i didn't know her age cause to me they are ageless..

and i spent some time with dad... was worried about him but i do feel better since i got to spend some time with him and let him know how much i do love him..he is the only dad i have..but he seems i feel better too..

so got the flu after i got home from athens..thanks danielle.. i think she gave it to, jameson and david have it.. i am feeling better.. although my head is stopped up..i think jameson has a little of it not what i had and not sure what david has of it.. he is in bed..and a little ill...he tried to stay away from me so he wouldn't get sick so now i think he has it even though he stayed away from me..he always gets everything i get..

so sorry i haven't posted i have been under the weather..

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heather said...

GLad you had a good time in Athens! Sorry you've been sick! I hope you feel better!! I love you!