Wednesday, August 20, 2008


i got the girls there dresses for Jesse and Danielles wedding.. oh so pretty.
took some photos of IVy in hers yesterday but don't think i will post them until i get the okay
from Dani..

been trying to get Ivy to sleep in her crib this week.. she doesn't like her crib.. too far away from Mommy.. i just can't take it any longer with her in my bed or in my room.. she really needs to learn that it is okay to be in her bed.. so alot of crying last night.. then david couldn't take it so he took her out of the bed and held her until she went to sleep.. then put her back in the crib.. cried soon as she hit the crib.. my body and bones can't take it any longer with her beside me in the bed.. and i don't rest because i worry i will roll over her because she loves to sleep right under me.. i think it is because i nursed her and she find comfort next to me.. so last night went okay but found her in the bed with us this morning, softy brought her in our room last night.. Softy is what i call david..

so tonight david will be at work and i can work on getting her to sleep in her crib tonight.. YEAH!!!

okay here is a layout i recently did..

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Colleen said...

Wow! Beautiful layout!

And I know all too well about getting them to sleep in their own beds and it's hard at the beginning, but so worth it in the long run for all of you to get some good sleep! Good luck!