Friday, August 22, 2008

it is raining like crazy here.. so posting this before the bad stuff comes..
this weekend we will probably be swimming out of the water.. we need the rain so bad..
not sure if the pond will overflow just can't see it from the kitchen window.. rain is in the way..
i picked up the pictures from the first day of school so planning on doing some layouts on those..
i also made this cool accordion that i put on my mantel in the scrapbook room.. love it there.. i really don't like to copy things but i just couldn't help how adorable it looked.
Cole is going to his dads this weekend.. his dad is going to Afghanistan next summer and is going to training for a couple of weeks so i know he will be going there as much as he can.. so Jameson is a little upset but she will be fine.. i just promised her i would pick her up from school today.. so she is happy now.

Ivy is pulling up and standing a little.. won't be long till she is walking.. she slept pretty good last night in her crib.. she is a very light sleeper.. i have to tip toe to check on her and then the floor cracks and she wakes up.. i just have to walk away..

going to show you my accordion album.. it is from a kit i get monthly so i just copied what the instructions said and here it is.. i just love it..

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