Wednesday, August 27, 2008


i just feel like BLAh today.. don't want to do anything.. and my hip has been giving me trouble.. i feel a couple of weeks ago.. still feeling pain from that fall.. thinking i need to call the dr to see what is going on.. Ivy is pulling up on everything.. then she gets mad because she can't sit down.. pretty funny.
Cole and Jameson are loving school... Cole really likes his teachers this year.. and Jameson's teachers are awesome.. i really like both of them a lot.. but i really don't look forward to Mondays with her, she holds on to my leg for dear life.. and then by Wednesday she just walks in her class like a big girl.

the yard is such a mess limbs down the grass is so high.. we can't cut the grass because the ground is so wet.. it is really driving me and david crazy.. we really hate for the yard to look bad..

the UGA dawgs play this weekend but it is pay per view.. uh can't get it here don't have a cable box and i just think that is crazy.. so going to listen to it on the radio.. pretty bummed about that..


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