Wednesday, August 13, 2008


trying to get stuff ready for school.. starts tomorrow.. tonight is open house and so we are going to meet coles teacher.. jameson and i already went to her school and met her teacher so we don't have to rush to one school and to the other one.. which is a relief.. Ivy is sick running a fever and vomitting today... and tomorrow she is suppose to get her shots.. not sure if they will with a fever.. and she is finally resting. .. tomorrow i will post photos of the kids and there first day.. hopefully!!..

i have been staying up way to late to watch the Olympics.. geez is that addictive.. i think there aren't to many more of these nights.. since Micheal Phelps and the gymnastics are close to being over.. well not the gymnastics the individuals are coming up.. but man this is so exciting to watch.. and i am amazed at how he swims.. just so beautiful to watch

okay some layouts

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pink_chihuahua_art said...

Thanks so much for visiting Pink Sketches, I hope you participate in Sketch #1. Your layouts are darling!