Friday, October 10, 2008


well with all that out of me yesterday i did 2 layouts that i finished.. pretty happy about these.. i can always put paper together it is the elements and the design that gets me.. just taking it day by day with this.. still haven't finished the ones undone yet.. i might never.. and that is not normal to me..
i am getting some kits in so i will get it back i know.. especially when my polka dot kit comes in.. i get a lot of inspiration from her kits and scarlet lime.. i think my scarlet lime will be here later this month.. i don't go to my scrapbook store much anymore because i get kits now.. and it is great.. i order most of my stuff online now because it is such a hassle to go to the scrapbook store in savannah.. so i save a lot of money that way.. and i get the newest stuff too..

this layout of me and dad is for a challenge at mosy scrapper i am really enjoying this website.. love all the challenges and the people are very nice and funny... which is a great combo..and they have a online crop, so if you haven't checked it out go check it out.. won't hurt..
have a great Friday everyone.


Pat said...

Tonys hugs, you will get your mojo back! Go take some pictures of your beautiful children & the nature around you. You will get inspired.
Love the new look of your blog!! And these los are gourgeous.

Lori K said...

IM loving this LO's. Im thinking I might get into a kit or two once we get settled in VA. I have no idea how far it is to the nearest scrap place, probably a couple of hours or so. Im sure I will be doing more online ordering also! Which kit do you like the best.

Sandy said...

Nice...Glad you took my advice..