Thursday, October 16, 2008


for those who asked here are the cows..they aren't ours but we really do enjoy watching them.. this past month there has been a lot of calves born.. and in the morning they love to buck and play around with each other.. yesterday they were curious and came up to us.. they never come this close.. we enjoyed it though. rainbow scared them away.. i just can't believe a little dog like her is so vicious.. very funny to watch..
Jameson the cowgirl (including the boots) and Cole up on the playground scared of the cows.. we will call him cowboy Cole too..

i will post a layout tomorrow and more photos i took..


Lori K said...

So cute TOnya....Check out my blog, youve been tagged!

*Monica* said...

How cool! Reminds me of when I was little in Oregon. We lived on 100 acres... my brothers & I would roam around with the cows all day, building forts, playing cops & robbers, etc. Fun times. Oh, and wanted to tell you I love the Halloween tunes!