Friday, October 17, 2008



Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
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1. i just got my hair cut very short..

2. i drink a pot of coffee every morning

3. i love to cook for people

4. i am lovin TI's new song.. yeah he is rap Whatever you like..

5. i am a homebody, staying in my PJ's all day is great

6. i can't sing and won't sing in church.. i don't want to embarrass myself (Sorry) i just don't have a joyful noise.. i would rather listen to others that have a beautiful voice

7.. my favorite movie right now is Atonement.. love those kinds of movies..

okay i am going to tag my new friend Amy... she has some great ideas on her blog so check it out ... great techniques.. cool girl too


have a great TGIF..


Amy W. said...

hey girl, i enjoyed learning about ya! gonna show your hair do??? i've got my taggin' done.

thanks for the sweet compliments! :)

Lori K said...

Wow Tonya a WHOLE wonder you have so much energy! Thanks for the linking instructions, I will try that later!

Monica M said...

Hey Tonya - your blog is looking awesome! I tagged you, check out my blog.

Sarah C. said...

Awesome list, Tonya! I too can not sing well and often lip sing in church to spare those around me. ;)