Sunday, October 26, 2008


this week is going to be busy..The Bishop is coming to welcome Father Lee into our church as our new priest.. so we will be there on Tuesday. Thursdays is Mr Johns retirement party. Friday Halloween. going to Lynn's house for her party and trick or treat.. Lynn goes all out so it is always a fun time. Saturday the BIG game Georgia vs Florida.. we are going to dads house to watch the game have oysters.. yum.. Sunday Jenny is coming over to take family pictures.. i know i am missing something for this week..

Here are some cute photos of the girls in there costumes. Jameson couldn't take a photo with Ivy.. and Cole is gone to his dads for the weekend. I will take more during the week with Cole..

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Kim said...

they are adorable!!!!!!!
love your Halloween music too :) :)

Lori K said...

These pics are so precious!! I wish I could give Ivy a squeeze! I love babys at this age!!....Maybe when I get to VA we can meet up somewhere!