Saturday, October 25, 2008


Wishing My dad a happy birthday today..
and hoping we kick some butt today..

i finished some layouts that have been on my table a while.. still have 2 more that i am stuck on.. but they will come..
i also made some tags for my sweetie. they are for mosy scrapper 12 weeks of Christmas challenge really love this idea.. and this week was very hard challenge for me.. i don't usually do tags.. and not to much vintage either. but i found the button with the little boy in the closet and the key too...and the rest i made.. very fun..
this week is going to be one crazy week.. and Lillian (mother in law) got Ivy a cute little kitty cat outfit. so i am hoping the weather tomorrow is nice so i can get the kitty out and the princess to take some photos.. Cole is at his dads house this weekend so will have to get his and the girls sometime this week... he is a Knight in shining armor.. looks very handsome..
for the ones that like looking at my stuff here it is..

tonya Made with My Cool Signs.Net.

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