Thursday, October 23, 2008


I just found out i got Inspiration of the week over at mosy scrapper blog what an honor. Thanks so much..

It is getting windy and cold here and i like it.. I think we kind of made a fool of ourselves yesterday though. Tuesday David called the gas company to come and see what was going on with the heat.. They came out yesterday to see what the problem was.. we couldn't keep the gas on and he got out went to the gas tank and turned the knob outside. then came inside said "okay, what's the problem" i said "the gas won't stay on" and he turned it up higher and what do you know the gas stayed on.. all he had to do was turn the gas on outside. I think David turned the gas off tuesday and thought he was turning it on. Too funny..

staying busy with the new website.. so glad people enjoy it..

have a nice fall day everyone

tonya Made with My Cool Signs.Net

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Lori K said...

Congrats Tonya, but I knew you were an awesome scrapper!

TOo funny about the gas!

Fortunately it's getting nice and cool here...but only two more weeks to VA!