Wednesday, November 05, 2008


the day after..
I voted last Thursday so i would not have to worry about leaving work early. I felt really good about voting too. I have a friend at work, she is 50 yrs old and has never used her civic right to vote. I was so happy that she did take the time to register to vote and voted yesterday. I am looking forward to seeing what changes do happen. I am going to be praying for him. He will need our prayers more than ever.

i didn't post any photos because i have been pretty busy..
the lose of my precious Bulldogs losing to the gators
Family photos taken
and i had to work monday and tuesday
so i am catching up

pictures from Halloween. We went to Lynn's HUGE Halloween party. We first took a hayride Trick or Treating. I am not going to upload those pics because there are other children in the photo. Then we had hotdogs and a little fun before we had to go home because David had to go to work. Lynn always has the neatest stuff for her parties.


TrashTalk said...

Way to go on voting. Shame to waste our civic right since so many fought and died for the right of women to vote. It was a huge battle and the suffering was truly a "suffrage". I'm with you Tonya... sending my prayers too. And hopes he can truly help this country heal!
Love the pictures of your family. You take the neatest photos. And love your new design for your blog page.
Love ya

Fink said...

Great layouts! Isn't it funny how the hubby's come up with names for the kids!

Lori K said...

these are such great pages Tonya! Congrats on the design team.

Amy W. said...

your stuff ROCKS girl! ;)

Heather said...

Love that outfit Ivy is wearing! Wherever did she get that from? ;-)