Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Happy Birthday to David. It was on Monday. I made him his favorite cake Red Velvet on Sunday. Very delicious. He got the normal stuff.. Clothes.. what is there to get for a man that doesn't want anything? It is very hard. We celebrated Sunday night at Richard and Lillians. Very Delicious dinner.

I am totally swamped..
what was i thinking taking on so many projects at one time?
i finished some of them. I am getting pretty excited about going to Athens for Thanksgiving. I have also started a store at I haven't opened it yet because i don't have anything yet to add. i think after Christmas i will have plenty of things in there. If you have never been to Etsy it is a cool place to purchase things for Christmas and it is also helpful for the sellers too. I try to buy things for gifts there.

Here is some of my newest stuff. Some of it i can't show.. so will have to show them after Christmas.

tonya Made with My Cool Signs.Net


Kim said...

damn girl your pages are awesome!!!

Amy W. said...

Tonya, i so can't wait to see what you put on etsy. :) as always, love your stuff girl!

Fink said...

Great layouts!