Tuesday, April 08, 2008

very hectic around my house

Geez have i had a week.. jameson has been sick and i think Ivy is getting something also.. and i think she is getting a tooth cause she sure is drooling everywhere and now her nose is runny.. cole has had a soar throat and all this allergy stuff.. and usually cole is the only one that isn't ever sick.. oh and did i say it was spring break too.. and inventory for david.. and we don't see him at all till all the madness is over with.. so most of the time i am so exhausted i don't want to blog.. i am adding some pics though.. i know Rachael and Wendy appreciate the updates.. oh and i have a new babysitter... my dog Reagan.. this is what she likes to do when Ivy is sleeping.. we also have a new family the geese are have babies goslings.. they are so cute under the pecan orchard.. every day they go under the pecans and walk around with the goslings there are 4 of them.. and we sit in the kitchen window and watch them through the binoculars.. cole gets a big kick out of watching them play in the grass while the momma and daddy are the protectors.. we closed the gate so the cows would not bother them.. and i think there are going to be more in a couple of days.. some of the other geese are bedding.. spring had arrived here..

will post some more photos this week sometime..



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Pat said...

Tonya love the pictures of the dog! Too cute. Hope everyone is better soon.