Saturday, April 12, 2008

its the weekend..

well David is working 13 days straight so i will be home most of the week with the kids. Tuesday we go to the strawberry patch.. and it is suppose to be cold.. i hope there are still strawberries to pick .. then on thursday ivy gets her 3 month old photos taken and then ivy and jameson are going to the doctor.. jameson gets her shots (shhhh don't tell her) and ivy gets her check up for the month.. so hoping i get some layouts done.. i ordered alot of scrapbook supplies and should be getting those monday or tuesday.. had to get 2 albums cole doesn't have this year album yet and i already have layouts that need to be in the albums.. it is so hard to find a album for a boy.. so got something i can mess around on and do my own design on the front.. and the new baby line which is called animal crackers by making memories.. my favorite... all the stores around me are closing so i am having to order everything online now.. and the one that is the closest is an hour or so away.. so it is cheaper to order on line than to drive.. and i don't have to worry about the kids either..

okay posting layouts today..Pat you have already seen them.. thanks for all your wonderful comments.. i love them.. and love your blog too..

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Anonymous said...

hey t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i miss u!!!!!!!!!!
i know you have been super busy and are getting back to work, recovering from prego and your surgery, chasing round the kids, and taking care of david, but we must get together soon! i can bring over food, coffee, or margaritas, and i know how to cook, clean, and chase after, or play with OPK's( other people kids), ha, ha! You know how much i love to! i had a lot of fun on easter and when you guys all came to the house! just wanna catch up and hang out whenever you can! im off mon, tues, fri, and sat, so call me! love, christy