Friday, March 07, 2008

i did Ivys first layout today

This is her first page in her album and i am pretty proud of it.. i am in love with this photo that Trish Armstrong did.. there is something about her being in Davids hands that i adore. I just wish i had gotten this photo for Jameson when she was a newborn.. There wasn't alot of good photos this day because she wasn't happy.. That was before the meds. I am finally getting back to feeling better and getting my energy back everyday so hopefully i can catch up on all the photos i want to do layouts on.. i hope you like it..

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Sandy said...


I love it!!!! She is so precious... just like she is, I hope yu got pics Sunday, I am still upset about not beig there, but .. I can only do what I can do.. but hopefully things will get better soon... luv you.,