Thursday, September 18, 2008


it really is nice to have friends that you connect with on a daily basis.. my 2peas friends are so important in my life.. i can't go too long with out knowing what everyone is up to.. so this girl
Sarah sent my thisyou are one of a kind..

so i am passing this on to others i love.

kimosabescraps i love her stuff and i think we run in the same internet circle..

Stephanie i love her style so much.. and her kiddies are so cute..

Lori i really love her to dealth.. i am going to one day make a trip to meet her..

Kim i just love her.. what can i say.. she is so talented..


Lori K said...

THANKS TONYA!! You mean alot to me too. I hope that we can get together IRL very soon!

Kim said...

awww, love you too girl!!
you are one special friend (and so talented too!)