Monday, September 22, 2008


some photos from this weekend..
Danielle was so beautiful.. I was taken away.. Danielle had Jameson a robe made with flower girl on the back and her name on the front.. and this was also her first time with rollers in her hair.. she loved every minute of it.. so she posed for the camera..

another note... i am really going to miss Larry Munson. He has been on the radio calling University of Georgia games for 43 years now. I listen to the game on the radio and turn the sound down on the tv. now it is going to be so different with out him calling the games.. i will miss him so much.


Pat said...

Tonya you all look so beautiful! Your children are adorable. I love your sisters gown.

Lori K said...

Everyone looks so fine and fancy!
How sweet that Jameson got a little robe! Such an exciting day!