Saturday, December 06, 2008


This morning we went to the Cookie Run at church. I love this idea.. But i really don't love the preparing for sure. I made 8 dozen cookie dough balls for the Cookie Run and in between all of that my new mixer died on me.. and i just got it.. I know i have to make more of those for the kids.. they would have fun rolling the balls up and i think it is better than the bourbon balls too.Tonight we are having the parade in town. Hopefully Jameson will stay on the church float. We will see.. i hope this year the big kids don't take over.. that is what happened last year... then the parents can't take pics and so forth.. David is off tonight so maybe he can get them to not tumble over the little kids. The get all the candy too.

Also next Sunday we are having Ivy's 1st birthday party SUNDAY DECEMBER 14 @ 3 o'clock. I didn't send invitations. i just feel so over whelmed by everything this year. Friday night Cole is having his sleepover with his friends.. so lots of entertaining.

I feel like i have been hit by a mac truck.. my body just aches. Christy thinks i slept wrong. i feel like i fell down a flight of stairs.. i think it is time to go to a chiropractor..

we still don't have our tree or any of the presents wrapped, maybe because i know Ivy will be in everything. i think we might have to get a small tree and put it on the play table so she won't be pulling things down. i just love the smell of a live tree with the combo of all the other christmas smells in the house.. (yankee candles are my bf)

later everyone..
hope bama wins today..even though i am not a fan..

I will post pics later this week from the parade if i can.. tonya Made with My Cool Signs.Net

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Lori K said...

A cookie run sounds like fun, do you bake the cookies ahead of time? Dont stress about what you cant do, Ive decided since Ive moved across the country that I have a good excuse for only doing minimal decorations. Enjoy your kids while they are little!