Thursday, January 01, 2009


Happy New Year..
I tried staying up but just didn't make it.. David has been sick and now i think i am getting it. Trying to take meds and so forth..
Any resolutions this year? well i have a few but i think i am going to keep them to myself.. Maybe work on more layouts and go for those Design teams that intimidate me? Yeah that is a BIG goal.. Hope everyone has a great day today. I hope things are better this year then last year. So many things are coming up in this year.. So many people having babies.. So that is something to look forward to.. Just as long as it isn't me having them i am pretty happy.

Okay here are 2 layouts i did using So sketchy sketches..
Hope everyone has a wonderful day.. Eat lots of black eyed peas and greens.. I know I am..
tonya Made with My Cool Signs.Net


Amy W. said...

happy new year my new dear friend! :) i'm totally looking forward to a new better year!

i finally updated my blog, thanks! :P i have some resolutions that i need to write down and keep them in front of me. all we can do is put our best foot forward and try our best. ;)


Amy :)

Anonymous said...

Too cute girly! I wish I was motivated to do other projects than just scrapping, but they're so intimidated. I'll just be happy lookin' at yours, ha!