Sunday, January 11, 2009


I have been so inspired lately. And going without sleep to get my ideas out. So last night i went to bed at 8 with 2 PM's so i would get some rest, but i still woke up with a headache. The forestry people have been burning some brush right near the farm and it has given us all headaches. So today i am hoping for lots of rain to get this smoke out of the air. The house smells like we have been at a camp fire all week. So burning lots of candles. Here are some from Jenny's photo shot.. This girl has lots of talent.. My favorite layout is the one of us in the shadows.. LOVE IT!!.. Still have more photos to do layouts on. I also have some great news this week.. so keep checking my blog to see..

tonya Made with My Cool Signs.Net


Amy W. said...

Tonya, your layouts are sooooo inspiring! i'd love to scrap with you sometime. :D


Pat said...

Tonya! You are rocking these pages!!!

Sarah C. said...

Gorgeous layouts, Tonya! I agree - the one with the shadows is my favorite. What a cool photo. :)

Hope the air is clearer today and you can get a good night's sleep.