Thursday, January 22, 2009


I thought i might do 16 things about me .. i just saw it on Ali's Blog so it gave me an idea to do my own.. there are so many things we don't know about each other it is amazing what we learn..

1.I have always loved Giraffes and Owls. i know there is an owl that lives on the farm but i never can find it..

2. i have always wanted to be a mother..i never really wanted to be anything else but a mother. well i still want to be a nurse but being a mom came first.

3. i love soup.. making chili tonight... especially a good homemade chicken noodle with David's grilled cheese.. yummy..

4. i hate breakfast.. this year i have made a promise to myself to eat breakfast and i am really eating every morning.. Oatmeal is what i like right now..

5.. i hate crowds.. especially a place i am not familiar with..

6. i love coffee.. love the smell of it being brewed. i love drinking it..i can drink a whole pot in one morning.. and i am totally addicted to Mc Donalds coffee too..

7. Okay i am a facebook junkie.. so addicted.. i love seeing what people do.. and catching up with old friends and classmates.

8. i lived in Hawaii and i hated it..

9. i love vintage stuff... i could look at finds all day online but nothing around here to go shop for.

10. i am really excited to have a day for myself this weekend.. going to a scrapbook crop.. all day long.. i haven't been in about a year now..

11. i love to smell lavender Downey.. oh yeah i use it too..

12. i really don't like Jameson's dog Rainbow.. can't stand that dog.. well i won't go on with this one..

13. my favorite tv show is LOST .. i read the blogs, watch the spoilers, listen to the blogs.. yeah a little bit in love with that show.. and i fell asleep last night watching it.

14. my favorite singer right now is James Morrison.. oh and Adele comes pretty close..

15. i don't like the dark.. and this house gets dark.. i always have a light on

16..i love David so much it hurts sometimes. and sometimes i really can't stand him.. but most of the time i can't wait till he gets home to sit down and have our chat in the morning before he goes to bed. it is pretty hard when you are on different shifts but we have made it work.

okay a little about me and my everyday stuff..

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Amy Wilges said...

i enjoyed this post! :) hope your crop day was FUN!