Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Things are really busy since David started his new job.. More time away and less time at home. So at night I am doing the cooking, baths and the getting ready for the next day stuff.. which leaves me very exhausted. Changes are always hard to adjust at first but we will get into a new routine soon I hope. David is still learning too. I think he enjoys it but misses being home too. These are the changes we knew were going to happen but we are doing what is best for all of us.

The weather has been so nice lately. I have been taking Ivy outside for a little play time in the grass.. She loves to be outside.. Next week the kids are going to be out of school, which means things are going to be busy here.. We will see. I hope the weather is nice so the kids can enjoy the nice weather. I have some layouts i will post probably in the next couple of days..

Have a great day
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Lori K said...

Glad to see you! Hang in there, your schedule will improve!

Suz said...

I had to stop by & see pictures of your dog... nothing like a bully.