Friday, February 20, 2009


I am so happy it is Friday.. That means school Monday. Cole and Jameson have been home all week and it really changes things a lot for Ivy. She doesn't nap because they are in and out all during her nap. And also I think she got the stomach virus we all had last week. She ate nothing yesterday. Ivy is a great eater and loves fruit. Every morning she gobbles her fruit down and she didn't touch it so I knew something was wrong. She ate some breakfast this morning, not enough though.

David's job is doing good. I miss him like crazy. But i think we are all adjusting to this.

Ivy has several riding toys but this one is her FAVORITE.. Meme gave her this for christmas last year and she loves it.. all the kids love it but they are just to big for it.. doesn't really stop them from riding it though. she has learned how to ride it and not just sit on it. she pushes that little button over and over and over.. Thanks MEME.. (i sometimes hear it in my dreams)

Another of Jenny's photos.. hey i don't want them in the box.. i want them on something or somewhere.. i perfer my layouts though. This is one of my favorites of all of us.. this is the first photo of us together like this..

Have a great weekend ya'll..

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