Monday, February 23, 2009


Today is a great day.. well it is monday... the kids went back to school today and Ivy is at mothers morning out till 12... Now i feel like i can take a breather for myself and relax just a bit. Take a long bath or just enjoy the sights of outside. There are some beautiful sights... This week starts Lent... and that means to sacrifice something.. still thinking what i should sacrifice. Father Lee suggested to volunteer.. i would love to find time to do that...

I'm going to post some photos today. I have to get a flash for my camera. It seems like my flash will not work... So i haven't been taking that many photos because of the flash.. these are some i took last week outside.. Ivy watching her daddy leave really tugs at my heart.. Jameson being winny.. i think this is a stage she is in right now.. can't wait till this is over with.. Cole being the monkey.. these photos are being done in layouts as i speak..

have a nice Monday

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Jenn said...

Your kids are adorable!! Just had to let you know.