Monday, March 30, 2009


I tell ya... i have had one heck of a weekend.. Friday night started the crop and i had the inspiration flowing.. you will see in the coming days.. i made 10 cards.. and a few projects..
Then Saturday we went to the creek and paddled down some.. It was so fun.. Although Jameson was saying she wanted to go home every 5 minutes. she was the only one that didn't enjoy it. So i took the girls home and David and Cole went back and tried to clear some dams so we could go in different areas.. it seems like the beaver dams are all over and keeping the water in.. 4 hours later they were home soaking wet and David was exhausted.. and soar.. Sunday we played hooky from church and David called our friends Adam and River to see if they wanted to go.. But we had about 5 inches of rain and the creek was now a flowing river.. And guess who went Sunday? Yeap... Jameson.. she didn't cry that time..i think the more she goes the better she will be.. It is just so breath taking..
here are some pics from our adventure.. from my blackberry.. so excuse the bad pics.. My camera decided she didn't want to go because her battery was low..

have a great day

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Sandy said...

Beautiful, beautiful,beautiful!!!I can't believe your blackberry took that good of