Wednesday, June 03, 2009


So glad my internet is working right.. It has been doing the cutting off thing again. Hoping i can post this post today..
i had to post off and on for the So Sketchy blog hop..

Here is the Badge album i made for Grandma's birthday yesterday.. I am going to make one for David so he can carry it with his Walmart tag.. minus the ribbon.. maybe some manly twine or something. If you don't like these photos well then close your eyes cause i am just getting started with all these photos Jenny took for Easter.. i have a ton of them to scrap.. Some I have already done for projects i can't post just yet. I am also making a few teacher's gifts.. hope to post those next week sometime..

Have a great Hump Day.


Amy Wilges said...

TONYA!!! i {heart} this little mini! i bet grandma loved it! those photos are fabulous...hope to see more. =)


Christy said...

What a cute idea! I love it!

Kristii said...

Love your little mini Tonya!!!! So way cute!!

Sandy said...

Tonya, I love the badge album you made for grandma, it is so neat!!!! and the pics are awesome!!!! Who wouldn't want to look at the prettiest kids they've ever seen??

debevans said...

What a COOL idea!!! I LOVE it :)