Friday, July 03, 2009


Tomorrow David starts vacation.. boy am i excited... He really needs it too..

Here is some stuff i have done.. These little Russian dolls are just so cute.. I just couldn't figure out what i was going to do with them.. but then i thought they looked like something for the girls.. and since Ivy has moved into Jameson's room i thought it would be a cute door hanger for there room.. it says GIRLS room going down.. Jameson loved it.

Here is another layout i did.. the flower is canvas and i added a little paint to it.

and this one i did for the got sketch 104 class i have been taking.. not really my favorite layout. just one of those layouts you deal with..

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July. Please say a extra prayer for those that are serving our country. Especially for Cole's dad Josh. He is in Afghanistan serving for our country. So proud to be living in the USA..

Happy 4th of July everyone.


janet said...

Hey Tonya!!! Love the door cute!! Great layouts as always. Glad you are posting over at The Mosy again. Have a great weekend.

Tere said...

amazing job Tonya, the Russian dolls door hanger is adorable, perfect for a girl room.

Kim said...

LOVE that door hanger!!! happy 4th :)

Sarah C. said...

Hope you all are having fun with David on vacation! :) Love the Russian dolls door hanger - so cute.

debevans said...

Wow, LOVE it all :)
Very cool layouts!!