Thursday, September 24, 2009


Got some great and exciting news.. I have been doing this contest at The Mosy Scrapper .. and i won the design team spot for the site.. I'm so excited.. I love the girls over there and all of them are so creative and fun to be around. So today i am going to show my favorite project.. because i have several photos of it..

I love old windows, and there was a lot of them around the barn so i have one with some windows.. i don't have much Halloween things around so i thought this would be fun for the kids.. They love it.. I also added some more things to it.

There will be more to come in the days ahead.. just thought i would put this on here first..
Have a great Thursday.


Amy Wilges said...

soooooooo STOKED for you girl! you know i LUVVVVVV this project as well.

oh yeah..your blog is lookin' festive too. =]

Jessica said...

congrats deserve work is terrific! loveeee this fun!