Friday, November 06, 2009


Pictures of the kids (minus Finley) before trick or treating.I have a ton of photos but i am waiting on snapfish to show up with my photos so i can do layouts of them.. so your gonna have to wait. Grace was doing her mummy look.. and she couldn't sit down.. she was a really good mummy..

Also if you are up for a challenge The Mosy Scrapper is hosting a christmas card challenge till the 12th.. and the give away is from Scrapbook Studio. my stomping ground.. and you get 12 cards for Christmas out of the way.
So go get started scrappers!!..

** also i added some different music to my playlist ENJOY if you like christian music** and if there is anyone you suggest please leave me a comment i would love to hear more groups like these.


Julie said...

what a great picture, they all look so great. Thanks for sharing.

Amooretto said...

I love that mummy costume! They all look great!

Amy Wilges said...

the blog looks nice, can't wait to see those layouts! love the pic! :)