Friday, August 25, 2006

leaving on a cruise boat...

sorry i haven't posted in a while... been really busy with everything...going to post some pictures from the beach blast... we all had a blast.. had a great time with dad and the family... yeah i danced too..and danced with david too..i don't think we have danced together was fun..i just loved seeing dad smile and laugh like he did that weekend..and saw james and jennifer and her some really cute pictures of the kids with janet..will post them too..oh and ignore the girl in the pink skirt please...i don't even want to talk about that..

going on my trip on monday really excited about that.. getting a little scared though there might be a hurricane or something pop up.. something always happens so hopefully this will not happen to us..i really need a break to get away and just relax..not sure how much i am going to miss the kids and david.. i know i will miss them... i have never been away from jameson or david this long...and i am a little scared to know what jamesons hair is going to look like while i am gone.. david has no clue how to fix her hair.. been trying to show him...i don't think he is cordinated at all to put her hair up. and i am really going to miss out on big brother...yeah i am offically the live feed and read all the transcribes.. (i think that is why i don't blog more) so i won't be able to know what is going on....big brother is my drug of choice right addicted.. it is awful.. i even talk to the tv when it is on tv.. what is wrong with me?

okay so dawg fans i am getting really excited about this year i am hoping JT does a good job.. he did really well last year in the florida game so i am really excited to see what he does this year...

later dawgs


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