Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy anniversary to us..

Yeah well it is our 4th anniversary today.. we are not doing anything special just a steak on the grill and sweet potatoes.. david has to work tonight.. and plus i am just not up to doing anything..i am so tired ..

went and put some stuff on lay away today.. put a crib and a rocking chair i have been eyeing for a while. the crib i am not really happy about because we already have one but it is missing a part and i cannot get it so going to get Ivy a new crib.. and the last crib for us.. and i put some cloths on lay away for her also.. i needed some gowns and onsises for her.. all the ones from Jameson were stained really bad.. and i got a moses basket also and a red and black diaper bag.. i have been really looking for a diaper bag that doesn't look like a diaper bag and i can use it when she outgrows it too.. especially around game time.. looks like a purse.. David is trying to paint her room a light green color but it just looks really bad.. alot of holes he didn't fill up and it just looks really bad.. don't know he is going to do about the walls but i know it really looks trashy.. so now i am trying to find bedding for her room now.. haven't found anything i really like yet.. okay enough baby talk..

Speaking of the dawgs i am really disappointed in there performance saturday.. they just could not catch the Damn ball.. i know why though.. i didn't have any black olives saturday.. thought i had a can but did not and that was a bad vibe already before the game even started.. oh well there is always next time.

okay later everyone..


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