Saturday, October 20, 2007

i am back...

I have pretty busy getting ready for Ivy to come.. and just have not had the energy to do much else. and my camera is not taking pictures for some reason. David and I took Jameson to the pumpkin patch with her school and none of the pictures were taken.. i was very upset.. so don't know if it is the camera or the chip.. Last week we went to Athens for the weekend and it was just so nice to relax and eat and enjoy the grandparents. and of course the varisty.. we even ate there for a change.. and david enjoyed it this time..

Cole is at his cub scout camping this weekend.. what a great weekend for that.. so i am anxious to see how much fun he had.. he went with his dad and his step brother so i know he had a great time with the boys only thing..

Rachael sorry i don't have any pictures but i will try and update more often..
Didn't know you enjoyed my blog and made you feel like home.. gosh i miss you..

will be back soon with pictures of the nursery when i get done with it and some photos of the kids.. i promise..


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