Thursday, March 13, 2008

i am getting busy with layouts

i am gradually doing more layouts of Ivy.. i need too.. i have so many wonderful photos but not enough time.. any babysitters out there?? Ivy doesn't like to sleep much during the day so this is a great accomplishment when i don't have much time to even wash dishes.. unless she is sitting on the counter in her Bumbo chair.. she gets really upset if she doesn't see me either.. i am thinking it might be seperation anxiety..

well went back to the my post op check up at Dr Davis office.. and the nurse says take it easy.. and rest.. well i can't with a newborn and 2 children and a husband to take care of.. i am not eating heavy foods still kind of bland most of the time.. i did have mexican the other day just chicken and mushroom quesdilla though pretty bland there.. no margarita for me though.. wish i could just have one.. so i go back next week.. i think she is a little concerned about my "bottom" sickness (if you know what i mean) still having that since surgery.. i really don't want to go there though okay.. just get my drift this is not easy recovery for me.. having a baby is very easy recovery for me.. and taking it easy is not exactly what i am doing right now.. i have alot of house work and if i don't do it who will.. so if you come to my house and see it is a mess it isn't that i don't want to clean it means there are more important things on my table like.. holding Ivy all day and taking a little time to scrapbook when i can.. i do cook though.. and at least wash the dishes.. that is one thing that has to be done..


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Sarah C. said...

Beautiful layouts, Tonya! I love the colors. :) Ivy is just precious. Wish I lived closer - I'd be more than happy to come take those kids off your hands for a bit or do a few chores. I can only imagine how busy you are.