Wednesday, March 19, 2008

i love these layouts

If you all don't know by now I love my mother in law.. she is such a kind and amazing woman.. i got really lucky to have David and his family.. i remember the day i found out the results of the biopsy i was at work calling on my break to find out.. it wasn't good.. and i knew things were going to change in all of our lives.. and they did.. Lillian was very sick when she started with the strong chemo.. i looked forward to the 2nd week when she got her strength back and was feeling better.. nothing is really normal when you are going through chemo.... my heart just broke when i knew she was hurting so bad and so weak.. and then come to find out she could not be there when ivy was born.. that really broke my heart.. and we had to stay an extra day in the hospital.. we were all looking so forward to lillian seeing ivy.. i know how much she loves her grandchild and the idea of her noth being there was heartbreaking.. lillian decided she would go to the hospital window and look at her i guess when you are desperate to see your grandchild you will do anything.. and then the next day we got to leave the hospital and lillian had to go to savannah for a doctors appointment so we had to wait again.. i have to say i cried in the hospital when we found out we had to stay another night.. i was just so excited to be leaving so lillian could see her new granddaughter..
so this year for our relay for life i really want to support what ever i can to help find a cure for cancer.. cole is taking money up for his school for relay for life and i am sure our church will to if you all would like to help let me know..
love you lillian.. and this post is for you for all you do for me and for our children.. also butterflies are a symbol for new beginnings and the layout i did with you and ivy is a new beginning in life and recovery..

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