Monday, May 11, 2009


I had a great mother's day. Very simple and very important. David made french toast for the first time ever.. was very good. He usually makes breakfast on Sundays since he has Sunday's off. I also talked to my Mom's yesterday too.
Everything is so busy with baseball and the ending of school it is so hard to keep up with everyone. I haven't gotten my mother's day present yet.. i ordered some zircon earrings to go with my ring that David got me a couple of years ago. Pretty simple earrings which i like. So Albert is getting those made for me.

Okay here are some layouts i did at National Scrapbook Day.. I am really behind.. thanks to AT & T for the disconnection thing going on.. but i think they got it fixed... they tried all day Thursday to figure out what the problem was.. so right now i am happy with it. Thank goodness..

Have a great Monday everyone.


Sandy said...

I enjoyed our talk I hope you feel better.. You are such a good mother... Im so proud of you... I love you so much!! Im sorry about cole's ballgame didn't get the message.. I hate I missed it, was that the tournament too?? Have a good week I;ll call you tomorrow..Love u Sandy

Amy Wilges said...

so glad you had a great mother's day. :) i hope you never have internet trouble again...i missed ya! ;)

have a great week!