Friday, May 15, 2009


This week has been the week from Hell..

David's Grandma Martha Jean has been sick and now she is in the hospital.. please say a prayer for her. She means so much to all of us.. and the Jesup community..

Then my precious Reagan is at the vet, she had a puppy last night and then i had to take her to the vet this morning. they are doing a c section on her.. seems so strange she isn't home with us tonight. i miss her sitting by my feet. She is also getting fixed so this doesn't happen again. Now for the other dogs..

I haven't done any scrappin lately.. and my things are really pilling up. Don't know if i will have time either.. i get on the internet to play farm town and mafia and then i am up again running around.. doing whatever needs to be done..

Mother's Morning out is over until school starts.. Boy is Ivy going to miss it..

Cole's baseball team lost Thursday night.. so he plays tomorrow and if there team loses then they are done. I have really noticed a change in Cole.. He really gets down when they lose or if he makes a mistake, great teaching lesson for him. Learning how to work with others and being a team isn't just about you.. Leaving here with some photos i took of him Thursday.. Not happy with the shadow..

Also if you don't go to THIS BLOG you should visit it sometime. If i don't visit anywhere else on the internet i HAVE to go to her blog. It is a must read everyday for me. Geez this girl is talented.. and her children are so adorable.. And most of all THIS IS HER STORY.. her story of being a Military wife dealing with a husband that is gone while raising children. She inspires me so much to be a better wife to David, to appreciate that he is home every night, to be a better mother to our children.. i love her vintage stuff and her style in everything.. Okay just visit it.. you will understand why.. Reading that letter brought tears to my eyes.. chills down my body.. oh boy..


Amy Wilges said...

girl, i'm hoping things brighten up for you and your grandma has been in my thoughts and prayers. Cole is such a handsome young man. great photos! {huggers}

Sarah C. said...

Tonya, I hope this week has started off on a brighter note for you. ((HUGS))