Friday, August 28, 2009


So much going on this weekend.. Jameson is doing a cheerleading camp, gotta get ready for Wendy's shower and Lillian's birthday.. Lots going on..

I did a layout for Scrapperie been wanting to use all these photos Mo (Melissa) has sent me.. Seems like Grace has grown a lot in the last year.. and she has angel kisses on her nose now.. just too cute. more of her to come.. and of Finley.. I have some precious ones of her..

Sunday is Wendy's shower, so I am getting food prepared and the diaper cake it's finishing touches.. photos to come..

Ivy got her shots this week, 5 of them.. she has been really cranky.. and i think Jameson is coming down with something. doesn't surprise me since the beginning of school brings viruses around to everyone..

I also lost a pound this week.. staying on track isn't going to be easy this weekend... too many sweets around.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Kristi B. said... week has been crazy busy too! My boy got some shots & was NOT HAPPY. We have a wedding on Saturday & another next Saturday. None of us have a thing to wear & the choices at the mall are slim to none. Your layout is super duper cute! Congrats on losing that pound. Just 1 pound lost is better than 1 pound gained!

Amy Wilges said...

super cute layout! =] have a great weekend, hope you aren't too busy to enjoy everything.


Jessica said...

adorable layout Tonya! have a great weekend and congrats on your weight loss!

Melissa said...

Love, love, love this page!!!!

nscropper said...

fabulous layout ... love the flower.

debevans said...

nice layout!