Friday, September 04, 2009

Trying so hard to get some of these photos I have taken on layouts. I have been really wanting to scrapbook lately. Thank goodness.. i really needed it. Seems like so many things are going on right now.. Lillian is very sick.. And thank goodness the kids didn't get sick... Jameson is cheerleading tonight at the Wayne County Game, I really hope she cheers.. Cole has a cell phone now.. and AXE i don't know what is worse.. And he ran out and about had a fit cause he didn't have deodorant.. he doesn't even have body odor yet.. when does that happen anyway?

i opened the front of Ivy's bed and now she thinks she can get out and get in the bed with us.. so lots of midnight trips to put her back in the bed.. I am hoping Jameson and Ivy will start sleeping together.. but i doubt it..

David is going to start working nights.. I'm not looking forward to this again.. it is so hard to have a good relationship with someone that is opposite of you.. it is good birth control though.. (did i say that?)

Here are some things i have been working on..

Have a great Labor day weekend.. my labor goes on.. i don't get a day off.. don't mind it though.

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Jessica said...

wow sounds like a lot going on right both of your pgs.! have a great weekend!